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Keeping Cool with a Pool: Benefits of the Pool Addition

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Swimming pools are synonymous with the Florida Summer. In Miami Beach, most luxury homes have pools as well as are on the waterfront. While pools can be a risk for small children, there are loads of childrens programs for pool safety. Pools are also excellent for athletes in training and those just looking to cool down out of the Florida Sun. For those homes on dry lots, pools are a necessity in order to stay out of the heat and are also selling points for those looking to list. If you own a home on a dry lot and have room for a pool, or if you are looking to purchase a home on a dry lot and are factoring in the price of putting in a pool, Sunset Group would like to give some advice on the pool addition in terms of home value.

In many areas of real estate pools are not always a selling point, since their maintenance during the harsh winter months are often high, however in Florida, pools can be used year round with very little cost in maintaining throughout the seasons. In Miami Beach, so many homes have pools that with a pool, your home can be more competitively priced with homes in your areas. Conversely, with so many pools, adding one will not improve your chances of sale solely on the addition. We would consider design as a key element in adding your Miami pool. Making your pool distinctive and in combination with the correct lawn elements, it could greatly improve the curb appeal of your home and environment of your backyard. A grand back yard with an incredible pool and even an outdoor kitchen also provide a canvas for a wonderful party. The true value of your pool lies in your enjoyment of it, if you are looking to enjoy the pool with your family it is always a worthy investment. When making any additions, make sure to hire a reputable contractor, if you are looking to make these additions, we can recommend contractors and if you are looking to sell your home after making an addition, we are also experts on home luxury home sales. Happy Swimming!

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Keeping Cool with a Pool: Benefits of the Pool Addition
Swimming pools are synonymous with the Florida Summer. In Miami Beach, most luxury homes...

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