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To be ready for tomorrow's challenges, we are currently seeking to expand our team with honest, competent, and zealous real estate professionals who are motivated and always ready to challenge the impossible. We are building a diverse and talented team of real estate agents who all are active, motivated, honest, competent, and zealous. Our international team can assist its clientele in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, and Bulgarian, and Arabic.

Through our international real estate network, our agents have access to foreign investors from Canada; Europe; Latin and South America; the Caribbean; Asia; Australia; Africa; and the Middle East.

Sunset Realty Group has also developed a business referral network and cooperates with real estate companies throughout the world in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg , and Munich), Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Fortaleza), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Venezuela (Caracas), Colombia (Medellin and Cali), and Peru (Lima).

I have realized that by representing our clients’ best interests, we indirectly also represent our own. Or to put it differently, “If our clients win, we win!” We are determined to take real estate services to another level and represent our clients 110%.

It’s the reputation of a professional that determines his or her rise or fall…

Please feel free to call us for more information or to schedule an interview. I hope to see you soon.

Best Regards,


Rafael A. Velasquez, J.D.



Thinking of building a career in Florida Real Estate?

If you are wondering where to start in building your real estate career, here is a brief overview of what you need to do to become a qualified professional in the state of Florida.

First, are you already a licensed sales associate or broker in another State?

Florida maintains a mutual recognition agreement with eleven states: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee. If an applicant for a Florida real estate license is already licensed in one of these states, the applicant might be able to waive educational and examination requirements in Florida.


If an applicant is licensed in a state which does not have mutual recognition agreement with Florida, they may qualify for a Broker’s Course in the State of Florida rather than a Sales Associate course.

If a person has held an active real estate sales associate license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in the office of one or more real estate brokers licensed in any other state, territory or jurisdiction of the United States or in any foreign national jurisdiction


If a person has held a current and valid real estate broker’s license for at least 24 months during the preceding 5 years in any state, territory or jurisdiction of the United States or in any foreign national jurisdiction.

Such applicants are required to undertake the 72 hour Brokers Pre-License course and State Examination and also complete the 60 hours of Broker’s Post License Education during the first renewal period as all other Florida Broker Licensees must.

Applicants for either examination must complete the appropriate state application form, electronic fingerprinting, and current certification of license history.


The requirements to become a real estate agent in Florida include being at least 18 years of age and having a high school diploma or its equivalent. Arrest and police history needs to be provided, plus fingerprints taken no more than 60 days prior to application. Once you have met the Florida real estate education requirements, you may apply for and take the state's real estate exams.

An applicant for a real estate sales associate license in Florida is required to complete 63 classroom-hours covering required Florida real estate courses. Each course is valid for a two year period. Those who have a permanent physical disability may qualify for correspondence pre-licensing if they are unable to attend classroom courses. A person who holds a sales associate license also needs to fulfill a 45 hours post-licensing educational requirement.

The applicant for the sales associate license must pass the Florida real estate exam for sales associates with a grade of at least 75 before submitting Form RE 2050-1 to activate the license.

To apply for a real estate broker license in Florida, you must already hold an active sales associate license and have actively completed at least 24 months of real estate experience during the 5 year period preceding your application. It is possible to use experience gained in a different state to meet this requirement.

An applicant for a broker license must also complete 72 classroom hours of specific Florida real estate courses. Once again, each course is valid for two years and Form 2050-1 must be submitted after attaining a passing grade of at least 75. Once licensed, an additional 60 classroom hours of specific Florida real estate courses are required before the expiration of the initial broker license.

Once qualified there are many ongoing opportunities for additional certification and designation within the Florida Real Estate Industry.

You may wish to specialize in a particular field or real estate sales, or perhaps a particular transaction type. Development Sales, Luxury Homes, Short Sales, REO, Bank-owned Foreclosure Properties, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate, or International Properties. There are many areas for which you can undertake to further study and build the Florida Real Estate Career that is right for you.

For more information about regulations and requirements within the Florida Real Estate profession (including license fees), contact Florida Real Estate Commission

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